Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: Cover your basics before diving into it!


Are you new to the world of digital marketing?

Do you want to have a clear knowledge of the basics and the fundamentals of digital marketing?

What are the essentials of a good marketing strategy?

If you have these questions in your mind then this article might help you find the right answers. It will assist you not only in understanding the basics but also give you a thorough guideline of the things which are very essential in order to succeed in this particular field.

In addition to that, you get a deeper understanding of the framework and mechanism on which digital marketing functions and how all its tools should be utilised in best ways possible.

The article includes digital marketing ingredients like acquisition cost per customer, target marketing, choosing a niche in the market, the necessity of good communication skills, building trust with customers, building a personal brand, use of the marketing funnel, its comparison with traditional marketing and other concepts of digital marketing.

If you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a blogger or a person looking for a shift in your career then this article is definitely beneficial for you because once you get the whole outline, it gets easier to narrow down which way you need to head and what things complement your capability and interests.

Personal advice for you!

  • You should always try to research as much as possible, talk to people who are already at the positions where you want to be in the next 5 years.
  • Try to picture yourself in those positions before you decide anything.
  • Think long term because our minds deviate in seconds, these days most of us lack the kind of patience it is required to reach our goals, this is because of social media, we are used to getting results instantly!
  • So, trust your inner voices, your intuition, your capability, judge yourself based on how you function in various situations and then make a decision without any rush.


Marketing works only when the need is created in the market for a particular product or service. Before setting up any marketing strategy, one needs to understand the possibilities, fundamentals of the market and perspective of the potential buyers, then only the product is going to surviving in the market.

A simple rule:

One of the major goals of any seller is to acquire more and more customers into buying their products or services. This can only be done if the information of a particular product reaches the right masses (potential buyers) at the right time (according to their needs). This is known as targeted marketing.

Creation of Trust with proper communication goes a long way!

I was watching a web series, one of the characters asks “what’s the most expensive thing you can buy?”, the right answer to this question was ‘trust’.

How does a company earn their customer’s trust?

  1. Quality of the product
  2. Covers a specific niche in the market
  3. Engaging communication with the customer even after the sale
  4. After-sale services
  5. Company’s position in the market
  6. Company’s survival even in the worst phases of the economy

All these things create goodwill for the business or brand and that’s how customers keep on buying their products. Some of the examples of reputed and reliable companies are TATA, Reliance, LG, HP etc. People buy their product without any doubt because of the kind of trust these companies have built over the years, the biggest marketing asset for a company is “word of mouth”, if one customer is satisfied, he/she recommends to other groups of people which ultimately increases the popularity and sales of the product or service. This helps them to cut down the acquisition cost per customer.

Unethical Marketing

Unfortunately, the power of marketing is also very dangerous, it has a downside. Many use unethical ways of marketing.

I’ll give you an example of “Ringing Bells Freedom 251 smartphone”

Do you remember the front page advertisements of this smartphone on newspapers?

The company promised to deliver smartphones for just 251 INR, if you think 251 rupees will not even cover the production cost of a smartphone, it’s a scam! then you’re one of the smart ones.

But they managed to fool a lot of Indians, how?

At that time the ‘make in India’ campaign was introduced which was very much advertised by the Government of India. The company used government logos and picture of our prime minister, making it look like a part of ‘Make in India’ initiative and invited politician to the launch, which fooled some people. A lot of people invested in this scheme and the company never delivered any smartphones.

Good communication skills

You can be a good communicator if you can convey your thoughts to the customers clearly and if their vision aligns with yours, you’ve got their ears.

Now next challenge you’ll have is how to join the conversation that is already going on in their mind?

Ask them a few general questions, their views and when they are talking, you listen to their perception and catch up with it, understand your audience first.

You maintain the communication via calls or by asking them to give you their feedback on the product or service, it’ll show them that you care, which will make them feel special.

Finding a niche helps in branding

How do you find a niche?

My mentor Mr Deepak taught me that we need three things for finding a niche in the market:

  1. Right Market
  2. Passion
  3. Talent

Once you choose your niche in the market, your customer acquisition cost will depend upon how broad or narrow the niche is in the market. If the niche is narrow, your product or service will be unique, you can increase the price of the product and then even if you acquire a limited number of customers, you could still reach your set goals.

The niche chosen helps in branding

I’ll give an example of the smartphone market here:

Xiaomi is the smartphone company which sells the most number of smartphones in India because they are affordable, mobile phones are cheap and their service centre is everywhere.

OnePlus and Samsung rules the mid-segment smartphones, these are quality smartphone at a relatively higher price point.

Apple iPhone targets the rich section of the society. It is so expensive that whenever there is a talk going on about any new launch of an iPhone, people just start making MEMEs about selling a kidney just to buy an iPhone.

All these companies have their niche in the market, which helps them to be considered as the leader of their specific category. This is how one builds a strong brand.

Traditional marketing or digital marketing?

In India, a large portion of the population can be reached by traditional marketing which means it is widespread. However, in this new era, the whole world being on the internet created a niche in the marketing sector i.e. Digital marketing which includes 100 million customers (consumer base).

How do you decide?

It depends upon factors like:

  • What product or service are you trying to sell?
  • What audience are you targeting?

Basic difference

If the medium of communication is TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines etc. that will qualify as Traditional marketing, whereas if the medium of communication with the audience is Facebook Ads, Instagram Advertisements, SEO, SEC, E-mail marketing etc., basically, any form of an advertisement on a digital platform will come under the category of digital marketing.

Both ways of marketing are effective and help in attracting customers and sending out the information to the masses.

Benefits of digital marketing

  1. Personalised communication
  2. Deep marketing
  3. Natural marketing
  4. Can find target customers easily
  5. Less expensive compared to traditional methods of marketing

Marketing funnel (CATT)

C- Content creation

After finding a niche in the market, you should start creating content which is educative or informative in nature, which will inform individuals about your product. It will further help you create a customer base for your product once you introduced it in the market.

A- Attraction

The next step for you would be to use various methods of digital marketing like SEO, Social media marketing, referrals etc. to drive the traffic towards your content. This will eventually help you get noticed (attention) by the consumers. The best part is that these consumers who already consume your content get to know your vision and this helps you in creating an image of your personal brand.

T- Trust

After getting noticed and getting all the attention of the customers, you should try to maintain a relationship with the consumer, by personalised messages, replying to their queries, proactively participating and interacting with them. This is how customers start to have trust in your work or business.

T- Transaction

Once all the above said steps are complete, it will eventually turn the lends into customers, this whole CATT cycle continues and sales go on naturally without any additional work.

Optimum use of the mechanisms to exercise the framework

The mechanisms or methods of digital marketing are the necessary tools which are required to make CATT market funnel work.

Some of the methods are:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (PPC- Pay per Click)
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Content Writing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Digital Display Marketing
  6. Email marketing

Use of such methods requires an approach which integrates various methods in order to get the best results and the methods complement one another. Such integration leads to the optimum utilisation of these methods mentioned above.

Turning personal branding in your favour

Turning your presence into a brand on social media or personally becoming the face of your brand to sell your product or service is a more powerful way to convince masses to buy from you or have a sense of trust in you.

I’ll explain this with an example here:

There are a lot of chefs in the world, they all offer a particular service in 7-star hotels or 5-star hotels. Some of them decide to share their experiences by publishing their own cookbooks.

They share their recipes, yet we (as consumers) are more likely to buy cookbooks or visit the restaurants of those chefs who have made themselves visible on various social media platforms, ads or TV shows.

Similarly, if you make yourself visible on various platforms and tell your story to the people, people will end up trusting you, will remember you and might even talk about you with other individuals which will work in your favour. They would probably end up going to your website or office or workspace to get the product or service which you are selling.


Digital marketing is the future of the marketing sector and before learning about various methods of digital marketing, one needs to understand the very basics of marketing because marketing is a skill which is deep-rooted in human psychology. The time keeps on changing and new things get introduced, one thing that can not be changed is human interaction.

The question is will the computer algorithms really replace human interactions or human ways of marketing? Even if the new ways of marketing get introduced in the market, the skill to sell a product will always hold value.

Thank you for reading this article until the very end, I hope you got to learn something. I’ve tried to compile as many basics of marketing in relation to digital marketing as possible. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for me, I would really appreciate your feedback on this.

Any questions? Leave a comment.

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